Danish Christmas

I kicked off my Christmas with a special viewing of The Christmas Family in Elf Land. This is a Danish childrens movie that I saw together with my language school. That was great fun and really started off the Christmas season's spirit. It wasn't complete without the great company and Rotary-provided hot chocolate.  The Tree- Almost … Continue reading Danish Christmas


Moving families

Time for host family number 2! On November 26 I packed up all my stuff and cleaned out my room at Esther's house. On the 27 I moved. Moving families is a little bit of a weird experience. One day you just switch houses and have to re-figure out where the garbage is and where … Continue reading Moving families


What a weekend! All of the exchange students in Denmark were invited to a weekend get together in Holbæk. It was amazing fun to see all the friends I made in intro camp, meet new people, and dance, eat, and talk with some of  the most amazing people in the world: exchange students. We arrived … Continue reading Holbæk