For Valentines Day, our language school took a trip to Sweden! Sweden is a beautiful country that sits just 10 minutes from my house, over an incredible bridge. We visited Malmø, a clean, medium sized city. Despite Swedish supposedly being mutually intelligible with Danish, they really might as well have been speaking Russian. Additionally, they don’t have the super handy public transit app Rejselplanen that everyone in Denmark uses to get everywhere, so it was anyone’s best guess which bus you should take.

The train I take every day to school also goes to Sweden. In fact, it is mostly a swedish train that Denmark just sort of…borrows. Once the train goes into Sweden, all the electronic signs switch to Swedish, the conductor speaks Swedish over the loud speaker, and they come around and gave us swedish valentines.

We were thrilled to discover that… Sweden has Subway! We also saw some traditional painted Swedish shoes, went shopping, took a walk through a cemetery park and church, and saw a few major landmarks. It was great fun to spend the time with my best exchange student friends. At the end we all gathered up in a coffee shop for traditional Swedish cinnamon buns and Rotary sponsored hot chocolate.


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