So… it has been a while….

Brief Catch Up Time!

I am still alive! I still live in Denmark! Actually, not much has changed. And honestly, I dont really know what to write a blog about because life is pretty much normal. I’m as busy as ever. Winter is gone and spring is come (which means alternating days of sun and warm with grey, fog, cold, wind, and rain. Denmark is a lovely land, but they’re not known for their weather.

Suddenly it seems like my year is ending all too quickly. I have moved to my last host family (who I absolutely love) and my class just got back from study tour in Malta (more on that later). There are just a few weeks left of school and then Eurotour and then it is time to go home! Already it is hard to find a free weekend.

Tara came through the other day. She visited during winter break, just before my birthday for a week. Then she continued on a 6 week adventure through Europe and Asia. On her way home she had a 24 hour layover in Copenhagen, so I got to go out and have ice cream with her. It was a blessing to see her on both ends of her trip because she has changed, become more warm and open, in just those 6 weeks. At the same time it is a little alarming, because I have just been living my normal life during that time, and it seems like hardly any time has passed, let alone 6 weeks.

After this post, I am going to try for a series on the places I have visited recently.


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