6 months

Now I’ve been living in Denmark for 6 months. My how the time flies! It feels like a long time that I’ve lived here; I’m all settled in. But at the same time I remember being in the airport and starting school and meeting people like it was yesterday. I’m more than half way done with my exchange, and really that seems crazy to contemplate. The time has come to buy my ticket home and write to Macalester and arrange everything for when I get home. It feels too soon for all of that. And when I think about the many things I have planned in the months to come, it seems like it’s all full up and then over, all of a sudden. Usually I love how the second half of the school year seems to fly by because I can’t wait to get to summer vacation, but already I’m trying to hold on to every moment.

Coming up: This week I’ve got stuff going on everyday. This afternoon Kristina is coming over and we are going to make traditional New Mexican food. Then at the end of the week we have Winter Vacation. Mathilde gets her host country. After that is my birthday and the big celebration for Fat Tuesday called Fastelavn. Then suddenly it is March and I’m moving to my final family!

In other news, the winter has come! We’ve got frigid winds from Russia that have even brought a dusting of snow. Although its just under freezing, the damp cold and stiff wind cut right through to the soul. It’s still pretty grey, but the sun shines above the clouds, so at least it’s light. The beach, as ever, is beautiful. But with nothing to block the wind, it is pretty darn cold.


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