On Saturday all of the inbounds and outbounds got together for Rotary Networking. We had short 1 minute conversations together. It was really exciting to get to meet everyone, to get to know the outbounds and to spend time with the inbounds. I was once again reminded that exchange students are the best people.

Afterwards, Mathilda and I went to a Christmas Market, ate falafel, went shopping, and got my computer fixed in downtown Copenhagen.

Afterwards we came home and had tea and the best cake ever with Mathilda’s parents (it was chocolate on bottom, moist and fudggy, then raspberry mouse, with a raspberry jello glaze on top. Danes aren’t big jello fans, funnily enough).We ate pizza with potatoes on top and made pumpkin pie, which I am bringing to language school Monday. All in all it was a really relaxing Saturday.

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One thought on “Networking

  1. Hi, Shannon,
    I’m really enjoying your posts. I had to comment that several years ago when we entertained my daughter-in -law’s relatives from Belgium , we got them jello from a cafeteria line.They weren’t familiar with it and didn’t like it. Okay, I concede not every American is a fan like me. I do think they use unflavored gelatin in some recipes. Last night we enjoyed celebrating your grandparents’ 50 th anniversary. I made a cake(3 mixes) that would have served 50, but was for 13. Everyone took cake home, and we still have 1/4 left. Looking forward to hearing about Christmas!


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