The Election

Well here we are, almost a week since the election, and Im finally ready to talk about it.

On Tuesday, I spent time with an American named Kristina. Together we watched the results. By the time I went to bed, it still wasn’t decided who would win. In the morning, when I got up for school, it was clear. On the train to school I listened to Danes talk about the results and watched Trump give his acceptance speech. To say the least, it was emotional. Personally, this isn’t what I pictured. But here we are. I think a Tweet I saw said it best, “wanting Trump to fail is like hoping the pilot will crash the plane we are ALL on.”

The most important part of democracy is to use your voice–to educate yourself, vote, to call and write letters to congressmen. Remember always to lift others up. And, the most important lessons exchange has taught me so far: different isn’t wrong, it’s just different. If you’re ever feeling like youre alone, watch The Great American Melting Pot and remember that our country is great because of all the different people who make it up.


One thought on “The Election

  1. Thanks for 3 great blogs. Nice to wake up to those on Monday morning. I have not listened to your video yet as I’m in the doctors office and believed others here might not appreciate the audio part. I’m fighting my annual case of bronchitis. Sounds like you had such a good week. I’m so happy for you.

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