The Musical

Since almost the beginning of the year my school has been working on the musical. It is finally done! Last week we did three performances of Drømme (dreams) on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings. I thought it was really successful, and those that I know who went to it really enjoyed it. It was a … Continue reading The Musical


The Election

Well here we are, almost a week since the election, and Im finally ready to talk about it. On Tuesday, I spent time with an American named Kristina. Together we watched the results. By the time I went to bed, it still wasn't decided who would win. In the morning, when I got up for … Continue reading The Election


What a weekend! All of the exchange students in Denmark were invited to a weekend get together in Holbæk. It was amazing fun to see all the friends I made in intro camp, meet new people, and dance, eat, and talk with some of  the most amazing people in the world: exchange students. We arrived … Continue reading Holbæk