OEG Games

Friday was bright and sunny and HOT! To celebrate, the whole school participated in OEG games. This is best summed up as an awesome combination of teambuilding, competition, and fun. 

Here we have the waterball race across the canal. 

Here we are slaying in our tourist attire. These are the Bilka races. Bilka is a grocery store here. To successfully compete you have to push a classmate around a course in a shopping cart, then they must throw a frisbee to another teammate who has to catch it from the circular break area. One frisbee catch is worth a point, but you can only throw one frisbee per lap. 

We were amazing at tug-o-war. Unbeatable. 

Not pictured: me struggling with the stand up bike and the long stretches of laying in the sun together between sports. 

It was a great time and I have made some great friends in my class. 


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