The primary objective of introcamp is….Danish Lessons! More or less every day we have lessons from 9 to 4. We have covered everything from noun forms to the past tense to telling time (which is much more complex in Danish). 

After lessons we have  free time. Here is the lovely Caleigh, for scale, to demonstrate the size of the gigantic fire extinguisher we found while exploring. 

There are pianos everywhere. And people love to play them, so almost every time you walk into a room there is live music. We have even learned some well known Danish songs together. 

On break, if the sun is out, laying in the hammocks and talking to friends is by far the best way to spend time. 

Rest assured that while it is easy to spend hours talking to friends and having a good time dancing with Brazilians or making toasted bread on a stick or climbing the 12 m climbing wall, we have learned some Danish. 

The best lessons are the ones with games–naming body parts, calling out clothes people are wearing in a switching game, or word review games. 

On the first night we went down to the river to see the sights and take our iconic flag pictures. Our jackets are all now pounds heavier because of all the new pins. 

Thank you so much to Rotary and all the teachers and organizers at the school for planning this wonderful week. 


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