Normal Danish things

This week I’m at… Introcamp!

We are staying at a folkschool, which is a Danish cultural icon. They were invented to train the general public to be informed citizens so they can play a role in democracy. They are a boarding school community with an emphasis on useful knowledge about the arts, philosophy, and life. 

Here are some other normal cultural things in Denmark…

Bike racks everywhere. In all varieties.

The classic yellow house with the red tile roof. 

Bedding: bottom sheet, duvet, and a square pillow that is very soft. Usually in some pattern of white and black. 

Normal Danish weather: chilly and overcast, bonus points if it is drizzling. 

Sneakers with every outfit (be comfortable). Especially with tights and a skirt/dress. 

This one is closed. 

This one is open. 

And the chairs go up when you’re done! Each chair has a slot under the table that it hangs from. That way you can wash the table and sweep the floor without moving any chairs!


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