The weather the last couple of days has been gorgeous! And it’s supposed to stay warm into next week! Today particularly was beautiful. 22c (72f), sunny, with a blue sky. Summer in Denmark is here!

On Monday Esther and I took advantage of the weather to go downtown. I only had one class in the morning, so afterward we went into Copenhagen, went out for lunch, went shopping, and walked around. We even saw Rosenberg Slot. Rosenberg Castle holds the Crown Jewels. The castle and grounds were built and lived in by Christian IV, the famous King who designed Copenhagen, among other things. 

Today in class we watched movies all day! We are studying documentaries in Media class, so we watched one called Wolf Pack, which was about a family living in New York City with 7 children who are isolated from society. For fun they laboriously write out the scripts to movies, memorize them, and reenact them. Then in Danish class we watched a documentary on immigration to Denmark, with a focus on angle and bias. Finally, in English class we finished watching Match Point which we are studying with the theme Crime and Punishment. Also, we watched Ørestad Gymnasium’s live stream, which was produced by media students. It was mostly about the intro trip that 1st years just got back from and OEG games on Friday, which is, as near as I understand, something like Field Day. Kids race teachers in shopping cart showdowns and paddle canoes in the canal out front. Each class has to dress up as a theme for a costume contest. Look for my class in tacky tourist garb!


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