One week in Denmark

I’ve now been here a whole week!

I started school on Thursday. 

So far I’ve only had Danish and History classes, but it has gone really well. The Danish students are very helpful and willing to explain things in English so that I can participate. 

Friday night I moved into my first host family- Esther. Her niece Camilla came over yesterday and we all went to Tivloi, which is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. Located right in Copenhagen, it is known for its beautiful gardens. It was fantastic, especially once the sun went down and all the lights came on. 

One of the best parts was getting to watch a man make fresh lollipops and then getting to sample them. 

The best ride is the Hans Christian Anderson ride where your little flying trunk goes past many of his fairytales. I had the English tour, but hopefully by the end of my stay I will understand the Danish one. 

Many of their rides had much less harnessing than would be allowed in the US. On one roller coaster you could just reach out and touch the trees and flowers as you went past. Even the children’s rides were hardcore. I went on this pirate ship ride that looked like it would be gentle and we were by far the tallest people in line. I thought it would be tame, but boy was I wrong. It really went fast and Camilla even lost her little rain poncho packet. It was a blast!

So far so good. Coming up this week is a Rotary trip tour of Christiana and my rotary presentation. 


3 thoughts on “One week in Denmark

  1. Shannon you make it all sound so exciting for all of us back here. Glad your classmates are supportive. That will make all the difference.
    G. Ally


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