Jeg vil gerne have en kop kaffe, tak.

I would like a cup of coffee, please. It's crunch time! The to-do list is mounting (emails to send, calls to make, clothes to pack, Danish to practice) and it is really starting to hit me that I am leaving. Tomorrow I have one week left of work. It seems strange that in a week … Continue reading Jeg vil gerne have en kop kaffe, tak.


The Reservoir

Although famous for being short on water, New Mexico does have stunning views. This reservoir is a short hike from Los Alamos, and it is used as water storage for usable water as well as potential fire control. It's not complete without a rope swing and swimming beach. Gage gave stone skipping lessons, I met … Continue reading The Reservoir


I'm now 18, and so I was invited to join PEO. On Sunday I was initiated into chapter EG. PEO is Philanthropic Education Organization, a women's organization that supports women getting an education. I got initiated at the same time as Diana. Marilyn is now my sister. I'm helping her to follow my blog.